Department of Correctional Services: Parole Advisory Board Vacancies 2021


In terms of section 79(3)(a) of the Correctional Services Act 111 of 1998, the Minister must appoint a medical parole advisory board to provide an independent medical recommendation report to the relevant role players in the consideration of medical parole applications.

The composition of the Medical Parole Advisory Board is regulated by Regulation 29B of the Act.

Members appointed to the Board must be medical practitioners registered under the Health Professions Act, 1974 (Act, No. 56 of 1974) with a minimum of 5 years’ experience as a clinician including those with specialization in HIV/AIDS and TB management / internal medicine physician / neurologist / oncologist / urologist and in occupational therapy.

The Board shall meet at least once a month (physically, by tele- or video conferencing) except when the number of applications will not make financial sense for convening a meeting.

A member of the Board will be remunerated in accordance with the rates determined by National Treasury in terms of applicable legislative prescripts.

The Minister of Justice and Correctional Services hereby invites nominations for the appointment of medical practitioners who meet the minimum requirements. Appointments will be for a five (5) year period.

The Department of Correctional Services reserves the right to fill or withdraw these advertised posts.

Note: All costs incurred due to your application/nomination will be at your own expense. CV’s should be aligned to reflect one’s degree of compliance with the above-mentioned requirements and duties. A copy of HPCSA registration certificate must be submitted with the application.

Apply Online for the Department of Correctional Services: Parole Advisory Board Vacancies 2021

Closing Date: 26 July 2021 @ 15h45

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